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Tomlinson's quarterback tossed 3388 yards. Ponder tossed 2935 yards.

So 400 more yards.

Not like Rivers was throwing the ball all around the lot getting in the red zone then handing off to Tomlinson for touchdowns. Tomlinson carried that offense up and down the field while Rivers chipped in here and there.

To have 28 rushing touchdowns and still maintain a 5.2 yards per carry is amazing. Those redzone and 1st and goal runs hurt a runners ypc by quite a bit.

Peterson accounted for 41.5 percent of total yards this year.

Tomlinson accounted for 38.8 percent of total yards.

So when someone says this:

Tomlinson had a supporting cast that basically got them into the redzone every drive. Peterson was how the Vikings moved the ball.

That clearly is not the case as evidence by what I just posted.
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