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Default Re: Why are you people so shocked to discover that Lebron is really good?


good post.

I think it's because alot of cats on ISH have short term memory and they like to blow things to huge levels after one or two games.

Example, when a team starts the season hot, after like say, 7 games. Threads on ISH starts popping up about them being the best in the league and they're locked for the title. Or if someone gets outplayed by someone once, suddenly they're trash.

What happened to Lebron was he faced a monster defensive team in the Spurs, and he had a crap supporting cast, so he shot really bad in the Finals, and suddenly everyone exaggerated and thinks Lebron has like Shaquille Oneal/Dwight Howard shooting range.

Kinda like how so many people on ISH labels Dirk a career choker and all that based off the fact the Heat came back from 0-2 to beat his team (the choking labels were there before the golden state series this year), even though Dirk has more playoffs success as the #1 man than anyone else in the league not named Duncan/Shaq. Even though Dirk has had more playoff success than probably Iverson, KG, Pierce, Arenas, Vince Carter, Tmac, combined. (ok maybe not combined but Dirk has more than all of those guys signficantly)

People on ISH just jump to conclusions and blow things up.
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