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Default Contrived, Preconceived Stat Padding (Kobe v.s. LeBron)

Tonight, LeBron shot a stunning 13-14 from the field.

But on closer inspection, he was deliberately passing up shots to maintain a field goal percentage. Thus, contrived. We all know of his "competition" w/ teammate Wade to see who has the best field goal percentage every game.

When a player is passing up quality shots in order to pad a field goal percentage, isn't that just as bad for a team as say the recent crucifixion of Kobe Bryant for ... basically being phony in recent games passing up shots to pad assist totals, at the expense of quality shots for himself.

It's the same forged agenda, just different purposes. But no one has a problem when LeBron does it.

Hmmm ... No one else takes issue with this contradiction? Or fan hypocritical behavior and reception of the performances?

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