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Default Re: Who else remember when Kareem retired?

I was young but I remember it. The Lakers gave him a Rolls. His farewell in Madison Square Garden was pretty huge. I agree that Kareem would dominate in todays NBA. I don't know about 10 MVPs but right now there aren't a lot of centers that could give Kareem trouble. He was really tall and skilled and the there is only 1 elite center right now and he is like 6'10. The Skyhook would be devastating in any era.

atljonesbro - 99% of what is said here on ISH is a matter of opinion with no way to provide factual proof. If you disagree fine but I'm not sure I understand your meltdown. If you think people overrate players form older eras there are just as many who overrate current players. We'll never know who's right.
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