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Default Re: Who else remember when Kareem retired?

Originally Posted by Force
I know I'm older than most of the board...

His final season, every single final road game in every NBA city, a ceremony was held pregame for Kareem where he was given a gift and recognition and a chance for the crowd to see him. I remember his gifts ranging from a gigantic rocking chair to a fancy car. I think the Lakers actually might have been the ones to give him the car, maybe it was a Rolls Royce. Kareem is totally non materialistic and I remember you could sorta tell he wasn't going to drive it and didn't give a **** about a fancy car. One thing I'm not sure on, is him coming back for a last season. I think all year long they he said he was retiring, and he came back for one more. ???

This thread is spawned from the news that he is finally getting a statue. About damn time. No doubt about it, he would be a much more visible within the NBA today if his name wasn't Muslim.

Truth is, considering his dominance in the sport from HS to the pros, it wouldn't have been strange at all for the NBA to retire his number 33 the way the NHL did 99 the moment Kareem retired.

It's sad to see the disrespect towards Kareem idiots here are throwing at him. Many of whom are Kobe/Laker fans? Like WTF is that about? It would have been straight comedy to see Kareem play in the game today. MVP's might have reached the double digits. Scott Skiles said Shaq deserved 8 MVPs. So no I am not joking about Kareem getting 10.

Hopefully the statue ceremony goes off classy, congrats Big Cap. I have a feeling a lot of his old teammates will come to see it happen.

I was still years away from watching bastketball at the time, so I missed the Kareem Era. But it is nice to see people actually showing respect on here. Amazing how so many people bring up his attitude when talking about him. Who cares? The guy is no worse than the 2nd best player in NBA history. Kareem is by far the #1 player I wish I could have seen play live. I have 3 different Kareem/Lakers DVDs, online footage, books, etc. on him. So I might be biased. I love watching his game/style.
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