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Default Re: Playing while high

I do it every other week. Playing high is kind of like being om fire in 2K in that every offensive attribute would go up.

It's weird to say this but I feel like I'm much more coordinated handling the ball and I can execute dribble moves much more smoothly. Playing high makes you feel like you're Allen Iverson crossing people up. The confidence boost of a made shot when you're faded is incredible. That shvt pumps you up to 180 and you don't care as much about misses. The thing is I tend to see everything a bit slower (as usual) and I (relatively) have more time to think and control my actions because of that perception.

Defense and reboundin aren't really affected when smoking a Sativa strain imo.

Now smoking Indica or Hybrids kind of causes problems lol. It takes immense mental focus to be zeroed in on the game at times. Oftentimes I'll get stripped more easily because I feel lethargic and I'm thinking too slowly. Using your athleticism also becomes harder because my limbs will sometimes feel wobbly after smoking couch lock strains. That doesn't help when you're trying to run or stay on balance on fadeaways and hard drives. Sucking ass on D becomes a reality and rebouding turns into "pray the ball falls into your hands". The one thing that stays consistent with whatever I smoke is my shooting touch improving and my creativity finishing and handling the ball receiving a boost.

The overall feel and fun while playing high is incredibly enjoyable, though. You feel like every shot is going in (even when you miss 100 straight) and when you do hit one it gives you confirmation bias lol because you'll forget about the misses.

Playing high is most enjoyable 1 on 1 imo
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