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Default Re: Playing while high

Originally Posted by clipps
I've tried to play while drunk. I don't recommend doing that. I'm curious about playing after a line or 2 of cocaine.

I would think cocaine would help dramatically... it makes you energetic and extremely confident. I wouldn't be surprised if players do this.

Playing drunk I am pathetic because I lose coordination and I just don't care. Playing buzzed I am all right though.

I have never played high but it works for some. For me I get a natural high while playing especially when I am playing really hard. I could see playing high being a cool experience though... just very chill. Depends on the weed though. Some weed just makes me almost braindead so I don't know if that would be a good thing lol. I am a pretty heady player so I think it might effect my awareness. I will just have to try it sometime though.
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