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Default Re: Kobe now has more points with the Lakers than Jordan with the Bulls

Originally Posted by Ne 1
MJ has seriously some of the most irrational, insecure nut job fans the sports world and basketball community has ever seen. I mean a lot of Kobe fans are deluded and irrational as well, but at least they aren't as insecure as the Jordan jihadists and probably won't be bringing him up every day for the next 15 years after he's finished, talking about how great and how much better the 00s was compared to the current league, constantly hating on whatever stud has taken over the game. And speaking of that, I never understood how someone can be a Jordan stan and hate Kobe. Kobe Bryant is who Jordan stans would be if they could hoop, he's living every MJ fans childhood dream and Kobe respects your favorite player more than you do! (I'm just as confused by Kobe stans who hate Michael Jordan btw)

MJ > Kobe
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