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Default Re: Contrived, Preconceived Stat Padding (Kobe v.s. LeBron)

Originally Posted by Money 23
Read to me where I ever said that, kiddo. Bron has a respectable jumper, but yes he's better when attacking.

Look, take LePecker out of your mouths. You're all turning into little pauks. He did this against the Bobcats, and was visibly protecting his FG percentage.

I'm not hating on LeBron. Jesus, Kobe stans say I hate on Kobe, LeBron stans say I hate on LeBron.

I've banged the drum for both these guys when it's been DESERVED. I'm being objective. I'm neither a fanboy of either of these guys. They both have flaws in either their character, intangibles, or approach that bothers me down to my core.

LeBron and Wade have admitted of having a personal contest in regards to their field goal percentage. They have admitted to passing up shots to protect it, and regretting shots they did take in order to protect it.

That isn't basketball. That isn't keeping the win in mind. That's PERSONAL AGENDA. The same type that LeBron stans claim Kobe selfishly pursues at the expense of his teammates.

The only guy in this thread I respect who doesn't have his head up Bron's ass who can see things objectively is kuniva_daMIGHTY. Contrived field goal percentage protection is just as fake as Kobe passing up shots over Luke Ridinour in order to force and pad assist numbers.
Lebron can do what ever the **** he wants with the ball because he's the best player in the world. Lets look at the facts. He scored 31 points, shot 93%, still got 8 assists, and the Heat won. Just respect the ****ing performance and shutup.
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