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Default Re: Which underrated 80's players would be dominant today?

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
What about all the other low 20 ppg seasons and sub 20 ppg seasons. Plus 32.9 ppg season was with a god awful team and was 1 year literally AND 55 games... His 2nd best season wouldn't even lead the league. I guess one random year of not a full season makes you guarenteed to lead the league in scoring despite MANY other low 20 ppg and sub 20 ppg seasons. Basically ur logic = He played n the 80s/90s hes a god.
I guess you can't read. Look at what I posted -- that Bernard King, in his prime, was a better scorer than anyone in the game today.

I did point out that he led the league in scoring during a tougher defensive era, but my first statement encompasses much more than that.

In short, as a pure 1st option scorer, Bernard's skillset was superior to anyone playing today. In that regard, I think he's top 5 all-time.

Let's take a look at the best scorers today vs. Bernard:

- KD is longer than King, but not nearly as aggressive or phyiscal. Bernard didn't need a Westbrook to help pump him up, he did it all by himself -- with very little offensive help. He also shot a much higher career % than KD -- .518 vs. .473. No doubt, King was a more dominant, effective scorder than Durant.

- Melo is probably the closest comparison to King in terms of attitude, body type and skillset, but falls short in on-court maturity and results. Plus, Melo is a career .455 shooter.

- Kobe, compared to Bernard, is more skilled in the body position and footwork aspect, but is also less efficient (.454) and not as strong physically. Personally, I prefer Kings approach to just go at the opponent, rather than applying finesse.

- LBJ is not really a scorer.

- Harden. King was just better.

- Wade. King was bigger, stronger, more efficient.

I could go on, but suffice it to say in direct response to the OP's question its obvious that a prime Bernard King would absolutely be a dominant player in today's game.
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