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Mathius' monthly BS allowance= $10

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A Pete Vescey article generating 60+ posts? Priceless

Why are we even discussing Andre Milelr being shipped when it's very apparent that Webber is the goal first and foremost? I can really expect this sort of 4 way (with extras added):

76ers trade:
Chris Webber (to DAL)

Mavericks trade:
Jerry Stackhouse (to PHI)
Austin Croshere (to PHI)

Knicks trade:
Steve Francis (to MEM)

Grizzlies trade:
Eddie Jones (to NYK)

The 76ers get Stackhouse and Croshere, two expirers who have little left in the tank. I doubt Stackhouse would get any court time behind Iggy/ Green/ Korver. Tank time.

Webber gives the Mavs a passing bigman, who gets to come to a winning situation. Being the first big off the bench shouldn't bother Webebr as long as he gets burn.

The Knicks get rid off the redundant Francis and gets an expirer in Jones, a capable reserve at shooting guard.

Memphis gets Francis who can team with Pau to form a formidable combo. Give Steve-o the driver's set and sit back and relax :rollingeyes:

The "extras" in this trade are key. The Mavs and the Grizzlies need compensation in the form of draft picks for taking on extra years on high baggage players.
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