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Originally Posted by Mathius
Why the F would I talk about 2nd rounders when people were discussing what teams could give the Sixers a first round pick?

A team giving up a first round pick for Dre Miller would be retarded.

Everyone knows the second round of the draft is a crap shoot. The first round is bad enough. Players come out that you think are going to do something and they suck in the NBA. Scouts try to recognize the 'Potential' in a player and then fall short.

Stating the obvious. Cute

And if you can't see what Billy King's draft choices has to do with the Sixers history as it relates to the fans, then you either have a very short memory as a fan, or your as clueless as I originally said.


Billy King didnt draft all those players. And compared to those players he picked better than anyone has.
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