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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'ASSOCIATION MODE' Discussion

-I user three teams during a season, much more fun.
-I've adjusted all the players' overalls to reflect how they've progressed in real time.
-I have three real Draft Classes. 2013 and 2014 are accurate to the T.
-I've adjusted my sliders
-I'm on the 2014-2015 season with Houston, San Antonio, and Miami

General Info
-Miami won in 2013 and 2014 to three-peat.
-James Harden won the 2015 MVP
-Jabari Parker (LAL) won the 2015 Rookie of the Year
-Anthony Davis won the 2015 Defensive Player of the Year
-Ray McCollum (LAL) won the 2015 Most Improved Player of the Year
-A Western Conference Player on the Sixth Man of the Year Award, forgot who
-Kevin McHale (won 60+ games) won the 2015 Coach of the Year
-Carmelo Anthony did something I've never seen and that's take a paycut
-The Brooklyn Nets look like D-Will/Joe/Melo/Diaw/Lopez/MCW/Mozgov/Wallace/C. Butler/...
-I decided not to trade Rudy Gay to Sac Town like in real life because they drafted Wiggins.
-Cleveland drafted Embiid and got to the 7th seed.
-Derrick Rose, Paul George, and Taj Gibson (TOR) all were injured in the playoffs
-Lance is still with Indiana
-McRoberts (CHA) was an All-Star in 2013, but has been horrible as a reserve in DAL.

Houston Rockets:

Jeremy Lin / Patrick Beverley / James Harden
James Harden / Jeremy Lin / Chandler Parsons / Cleanthony Early
Chandler Parsons / James Harden / Cleanthony Early / Draymond Green
Donatas Motiejunas / Terrence Jones / Draymond Green / Channing Frye
Dwight Howard / Donatas Motiejunas / Terrence Jones / Kenyon Martin

-Kept the team user'd since the first season.
-I'm playing full Morey-ball, threes and layups.
-Drafted Ben McLemore (2013, traded away because of inconsistency) and Cleanthony Early in (2014)
-Early plays like how Brewer plays in real life for the Rockets.
-Kept Lin and Parsons. Signed Dwight to the max.
-Harden got injured in the 2014 Playoffs, we lost to Utah (Gallo/Gordon/Milsap/Al)
-Motiejunas improved to an 80 overall and Jones is in the mid 70s.
-I traded for Draymond Green (nowhere as good as he is in real)
-Lin has had trouble all season (2014-2015) with staying healthy.
-Harden averaged 27/6 in 2015.
-We backdoor swept DAL, who had Ellis out for the series.
-We're down 3-2 against Oklahoma City in the WCF.

San Antonio Spurs:

Tony Parker / Aaron Brooks / Corey Joesph / Manu Ginobili
OJ Mayo (out for season) / Danny Green / Manu Ginobili
Kawhi Leonard / Danny Green / Mirza Teletovic
Nene / Chris Singleton / Mirza Teletovic
Tim Duncan / some drafted center

-I user'd the Spurs because I noticed how bad they were doing 25% into the season.
-The CPU traded for Nene before I got them.
-They lost their newly acquired free agent OJ Mayo early in the season.
-I signed Aaron Brooks near the trade deadline hoping his offense would improve us.
-We never really recovered from the bad start and ended up missing the playoffs.

Miami Heat:

Mario Chalmers / Norris Cole / Steve Blake
Dwyane Wade / Randy Foye (out for season) / Mario Chalmers / Rasual Butler
Lebron James / Shane Battier / Rasual Butler / Marvin Williams
Shane Battier / Chris Bosh / Marvin Williams
Chris Bosh / Alex Len

-Same reason I user'd the Spurs, I user'd the Heat.
-They had horrible depth before I started to make trades and signings.
-I traded Haslem and somebody else for Foye and Williams from Utah.
-Williams ended up starting for us in the RS because we needed that shooting.
-I signed Battier, Butler, and Blake from Free Agency midseason.
-I traded Shawn Marion (HORRIBLE fit) for Alex Len just for the size.
-We went on a run toward the end of the season and finished with the 4th seed.
-We swept the New York Knicks (All-Star Jimmer Ferdette, Shump, J.R.)
-Lebron averaged 40/10/5 the series and Len played so fell he forced me to start him.
-Len is playing like what Mozgov is playing in real life.
-They are currently up 3-2 to the stacked Brooklyn Nets.

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