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Default Re: GAME: Predict the 2013 NBA Playoffs

Originally Posted by franchize
I think we may go 7 games so I cant be mad at you for saying Celtics in 6. I think we win but I don't think this is the cake walk our fan base seems to think it will be. I think we are going to have to gut this one out. I just find it hard to envision a team with Paul Pierce, KG, JT and coached by Doc Rivers, surrounded by that many hard workers, allowing themselves to be taken out easy.
Fair enough. Could you make the predictions like I did ?
I want all of you Knicks fans to do the same so we can see who'll come out as a winner.

I didn't want to post this to the main board because there are too many trolls out there.

Play the game,I spent much time to write all of this
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