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Default Re: What is D.Wades worth? HYPOTHETICAL.

Originally Posted by Mass Debator
If Wade wants to stay, Miami is stuck with D-Wade whether they like it or not. Why would any team trade for a 20 million dollar player whose heart and soul is in Miami? If anything, he'd try to help out the organization by taking $3-5 million less than what he's making now. That's the most anyone could expect him to do. No way is he going to play for $6-8 million when he's owed $20+ million. That's like asking Kobe to take $8 mil when he is owed $30 mil. It's not like Wade and Kobe are out there half-assing out there not caring. They still want to win. They earned the money. Do they deserve it at the very moment? Probably not.

I think the Heat trading Wade looks worse for them than it is to him. He's loyal and unselfish. It's not like he's a scrub. He's an 18-20 ppg player for the next 2-3 years. He'd probably be able to put up 15-16 ppg at age 36 if he is out there on the court. He'll probably reach father time before that though.

well that's the have to put Wade in the corner with some threat to continue to make these title runs, he's the weakest link and owed too much money. Make him show his loyalty to the Heat org and Miami now...either restructure and help the team, and be in Miami until his career is over or just let him opt in to his 5th year selfishly for the cash and cut ties thereafter. Simple to me...either way, Miami wins in the long run just one better than the other
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