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As a Pacer fan, I'd be interested in hearing Mavs' fans take on Daniels' strengths and weaknesses. I've seen him play a bit, but his playing time seemed sporadic in the playoffs.

Give him a coach who will play him and not have him on a leash, 16,6, and 5 in 32 minutes easy. I mean in games he started, he surpassed that as a ROOKIE (19,6, and 5) including putting up 14,9, and 7 in his second career start (started at PG that game). He would actually be perfect in the backcourt with a PG who isn't a prototype PG because he can handle, facilitate, and create which is why he should have been starting with Terry.

You guys won this trade, bar none. Don't know where you work him in with Jones, Jackson, and Granger in but if you give him minutes, he'll produce
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