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Default Re: Post your level-headed, reasonable 2014 NBA Finals Game 3 observations

The scariest thing is the fact these Spurs aren't going cold. Their ball movement is so amazing that they ALWAYS get wide open shots every game, make or miss the opportunities are always there. So one night they may not get hot from 3 but they will punish you in the paint, next game they can't score inside but rain 3s. They have so many options.

Miami's aggressive defense also plays right into their hands, they double so often that they always leave someone open. And with Diaw, Manu, Duncan on the floor you can't leave people open since they are all elite playmakers.

For Miami to beat them 3 more times they have to start respecting these "scrubs". Every role player on the Spurs has the confidence and Pop's trust to shoot, they will keep moving the ball and hitting open shots. Heat have to rotate faster and cover the 3 point line, stop being so lazy on D. Play hard every quarter, wear them down so they can't get into a rhythm offensively.
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