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Default Re: Post your level-headed, reasonable 2014 NBA Finals Game 3 observations

Originally Posted by pegasus
That scares me too. I think Parker is the only player who doesn't completely buy into Pop's team play. He wants to get his stats and the FMVP, and that desire will only get stronger as they get closer to the finish line. Pop might have to bench him with a fake injury again.

Truer words have never been spoken. the pic and roll with Parker which is the spurs' bread and butter during the regular season doesnt work against an excellect pik and roll defending team like the heat. they are determined that parker is not going to beat them in the paint. unfortunately parkers passing is not as good as manus who when they double him, manu makes them pay see splitter scoring or getting fouled over and over. when parker is doubled, he just passes off to another player. patkers dribbling stops the excellent ball movement of the spurs.

imo, this is why pop was praising tp for his leadership in game 3 - for accepting that hes not going to score much or eventually win fmvp. i feel that last year parker was gunning for fmvp in game 6 and reverted to selfish ball hogging play and contributing to the loss. we'll see if as the games go on, he resists that desire. i suspect he will -the loss last year was a bitter pill to swallow and they must all secure the win and let fmvp fall where it will. must be hard for him after leading the spurs offensively for the past few years but thats how it goes when an opponent decides what theyre willing to give up and what theyre willing to live with.

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