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Default Re: Will DeMarcus Cousins & John Wall team up when they become Free Agents?

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
Marbury was a great player despite his craziness though, the problem was just that he fell off real quickly after he lost his athleticism. If Cousins can give a team all-star caliber numbers for a good 10 years then his behavior can be overlooked. Hell Rasheed Wallace came to Detroit with similar baggage and helped them win a ring.

Cousins averages 20/10 like everybody thinks he will, then his behavior is a non-issue. Find a coach that can deal with him and build around him. If he doesn't get the whole 'buddy buddy' thing that most of the good players in the league are into now that's fine, the league needs more players like that.

zbo is a career 20/10 guy, and he had to bounce around a few teams before he finally settled his act down. There is no reason why cousisns cant. I expect him to beast in the near future
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