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Default Re: Will DeMarcus Cousins & John Wall team up when they become Free Agents?

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
Marbury was a great player despite his craziness though, the problem was just that he fell off real quickly after he lost his athleticism. If Cousins can give a team all-star caliber numbers for a good 10 years then his behavior can be overlooked. Hell Rasheed Wallace came to Detroit with similar baggage and helped them win a ring.

Cousins averages 20/10 like everybody thinks he will, then his behavior is a non-issue. Find a coach that can deal with him and build around him. If he doesn't get the whole 'buddy buddy' thing that most of the good players in the league are into now that's fine, the league needs more players like that.

I could see Cousins being as good as Sheed was, but I dont see any of the intangibles that Sheed had in Cousins. Sheed was a passionate player & got into a little trouble of the floor and the reputation stuck with him. Nobody ever called him a "thug" during his time at UNC or in Washington or early on in Portland. You take away those distractions people had with him and you get a guy who could adjust to any coach because he had a high basketball IQ on both ends of the floor. A guy who truly wanted to win and never let off the court stuff get into the way of what he did on the floor. Cousins isn't cut from that kind of cloth, he's an emotional player like Marbury blessed with a lot of talent but can self-destruct at any moment.

Sorry to sidetrack the thread but...

Marbury didn't have any issue with losing athleticism, this isn't Steve Francis we're talking about. He fell off because he lost his passion for the game. The reason I say this is because of what happened during his last full season in 2007 in which Isiah killed his spirit and Stephon became so cancerous to the team that it pretty much made the Knicks the trainwreck people couldn't help but laugh at. Stephon could drop 20+ points at will, but he chose not to because he didn't care anymore.

As soon as we didn't move him during the Trade Deadline, he went out and put up All Star numbers in hopes it would get him traded. When that too didn't happen he had a minor surgery and used that as an excuse to end his time in New York but collect the paychecks. By the time he ended up in Boston he was out of shape and a broken man spiritually. Thats why we got to watch him have a nervous breakdown via his Ustream that following offseason.
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