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Default Re: Will DeMarcus Cousins & John Wall team up when they become Free Agents?

Originally Posted by Levity
i meant that more along the lines of he hasnt had any issues with his own team/coaches since the westphal firing. He's ready and willing to be the main piece of the kings franchise, which is a great sign that hes in the right place mentally

so ye, that team usa thing, youre definitely right about. but i just didnt see it as much of an issue only because it wasnt concerning his own team, rather a team of superstars, that he openly diminished during the season when he talked about the patheticness of super teams.

He may be willing to buy into the Kings future at the moment, but players like Cousins have issues with their temperment that always ends up finding away to cause a distraction. You see the close relationship he's built with Keith Smart and its because Smart is an interim coach who doesn't bring the discipline/structure that a young Kings team needs to take the next step.

Most people realize that Smart won't last more than 1 year there because he's a terrible coach & the Kings aren't a Playoff team next season.

So what happens when Smart gets fired?

He's going to go off and cause a distraction, and evenually he'll force his way into a new situation. Either the Kings get tired of him or he signs elsewhere. His temperment isn't right. He reminds me so much of Marbury from a personality standpoint.
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