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Default Re: Why do people always think if an older player played today they would be WAY better?

Originally Posted by CavaliersFTW
Educate yourself


And also, why is Dwight Howard gifted a 6-11 on but only 6-10.25 in shoes (which may be from thicker shoes than he even plays in to begin with due to what is stated above). Why is Kevin Love gifted a 6-10 despite only being 6-7.75... is he wearing 2.25" shoes like a spice girl? C'mon man, there's no such thing as a consistent listing of players "in shoes" there never has been. Players just list whatever they want to list, and in this era players exaggerate a heck of a lot more than they did before the NBA became such a successful money machine. Players gotta keep their stocks high. But biologically players today aren't different than players then.

Shoes add inches to height, it's a variable, why does it bother you so much? Also, Dwight grew an inch after being drafted which is why he's listed at 6"11.

That really doesn't address how Baylor is supposed to score in todays league, I asked you to show me 1 perimeter player today that has put up 25+ppg with a crude handle like Baylors. I never said he'd be a scrub, I just said he wouldn't put up numbers like he did, perimeter play has advanced.
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