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Default Re: Draymond Green...

The problem with the all around skill set star college player with limited athleticism at the NBA level is that all those star things he can do, and Green can do a lot of them, he can handle well for his size, he has vision, a feel for the game, but most of those things require him to have the ball in his hands. And at the next level, he simply doesn't have the upside to be given the ball. That's why you're better off being a lesser player but one who's a specialist at that point. A drop dead shooter, like Steve Novak. A guy who can be a stopper on the perimeter, like Tony Allen. A guy who can go to the glass and rebound, like Blair. Have a specific skill.

However in recent years, we've seen a few more all around kind of guys get undervalued and wind up outplaying their draft slot. I think some of this is a result of the "zone", or at least softening of the illegal D's, allow for more value to be placed on having ancillary players who just excel at doing smart basketball things. The first guy who comes to mind is a guy I saw in college a few times in person and loved. Wes Matthews did everything for Marquette. If they were pressed he bought it up. If they needed a bucket it went to him. He defended whoever was hot. And he got the tough rebounds. He slipped because by doing all those things, it wasn't clear he could excel at any one position. And while not a star, he fits in, and he's fit in on two teams now. The other guy is a guy I could see Green playing a similar role too. Big Baby Davis was a legit collegiate monster. Undersized, but admittedly more naturally athletic than Green, but he's a guy who just knows how to play, and he's found a valuable role on two contending teams now off the bench. I could see Green coming off the bench and being a high post facilitator for a bench team. He could also fall a little short of that and play a Chuck Hayes type role just by being tough, but I think he's a little better than that.

The other option is he goes to Europe and becomes a significant player there because his all around game would play there.
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