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Default Re: Yi or Noah?

lets break it down

Noah has 2 nca titles- point?

Yi has a nike contract- point?

Yi has a good jump shot- No team is picking him based soley on his jumper.

Noah has a crapy one that can easily be blocked- Noah's shot is average, not crappy. His technique is what's crappy.

Yi is 7 feet tall and flexible like a guard- great for being a gymnast. Not going to matter much if he can't handle the ball or is fast enough to take advantage of his athleticism.

Noah is 6-10 with wild hair and legs like a deer- pointless once again.

Yi scored 25 points 10 rebounds- against 5 foot yellow people?

Noah got 13 points 8 rebounds per- on one of the most balanced teams in NCAA history.

YI loses.

I like Yi, don't get me wrong, but the reasons you gave where too vague and mostly stupid. Noah is and always will be better.
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