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Default Re: Kobe clutch myth

Originally Posted by catch24
"Kobe shoots his teams out of W's", "LA will never win with Kobe shooting that much", "According to 82games Kobe is overrated in the clutch" (despite making almost ALL his GW's last season lol).

The excuses will never end. Most of the guys that say this have never played basketball at a high level. Anyone who's watched Kobe since 2003 will tell you he's been the most feared player when the game is on the line.
of course he's the most feared because everyone knows he's going to shoot. whereas on other teams, they fear several players a little bit, on the Lakers everyone is worried about stopping Kobe.

i think people on this thread are arguing different things. those of us who read the article are talking about winning games down the stretch, and those who discard it are talking about single-handedly winning games down the stretch.
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