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Default Re: Raptors are absolutely destroying every single team they're playing

The Raptors like the Hawks before them and probably the Bulls too are gonna have to show us before anyone believes. It doesn’t happen often. Off the top we only had 2 “Show me then bitch....” teams actually show us in the last decade or more. The 2011 Mavs and the 2012 Thunder. Thunder didn’t win but they did show they had to be taken serious.

Pacers...Hawks...Rockets....Clippers...Memphis...y ou gotta do it first.

Nobody gets in on the ground floor of Raptor stock. You gotta go big...then we buy in late when the potential for immediate profit is near gone.

Their fans are like the cute girl with a dash of ho who tells you how good know what? I’m gonna stop there but rest assured....that analogy would have been apt as ****.

Long story short....Raps have to show it.
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