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Default Re: Raptors says a trip to the white house is a "hard no"

Originally Posted by paksat
you have to back up words with facts

he's a billionaire

explain dumb or go to the corner

1. He's never proved he is a billionaire. He got exposed for lying to Forbes. We know the value of his properties, but we don't know how much debt he has on them. He defaulted on so many loans that American banks have mostly blackballed him.

2. He inherited a profile of real estate from his father that would be worth billions now....he sold it right away to fund his casinos that failed (and Trump Tower, that is still around).

3. His dad made fake companies in his kid's names and then used them to bill his own company, to get money to his kids and bypass the estate tax (NY State is investigating. Trump might end up owing 200 million in dodged taxes).

4. Trump tower has had extensive Russian mafia activity. They literally broke up a massive gambling right directly a floor below Trump's own apartment. He personally signed off on cash sales to people who were later arrested for laundering mob money using Trump's properties. Most developers ask buyers to prove where the money came from in order to avoid this....Trump doesn't

He's a crook, a liar, and a con.

Under the Magnitsky Act, a lot of Russian oligarchs can't invest in America or the EU, so they use folks like Trump to launder their money. The Magnitsky Act was passed because Magnitsky exposed Russian oligarchs stealing hundreds of millions of ta they had him arrested and tortured to death in jail.

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