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Default Re: Where's embiids MVP

Originally Posted by superduper

Imagine watching the Bucks these playoffs and actually thinking this. Kawhi was hitting tough jumper after tough jumper, 2s and 3s, completely unguardable and demoralizing the Bucks because they could do absolutely nothing to stop him.

That is the effect that a superstar with a jumper has. Giannis will never take the next step until he fixes this part of his game. If he keeps relying on stiff arms and travels the exposure will keep happening.

Inb4 EmGOAT deflections. Facts are facts chico.
Lmao dude shot like 43% against the bucks. Kawhi wasn't the issue for the bucks, he can get his, we dnt care. The issue was fred van vleet, he was the MVP of that series. The issue was also the bucks missing wide open shots that Giannis was generating. kawhi didn't do shit
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