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Default Re: ESPN posts top 20

Originally Posted by Mr Feeny
I see your point. He hasn't gotten any credit for the title wins because the narrative has always been that he was superfluous. These past finals may change that but as we have seen on this board,there are those who are doubling down on their original assertions and claiming that even though the Warriors lost without Durant this year, that doesnt mean he was essential in the previous 2 years because the Warriors were better in the previous two years than they are now.

Yep, pretty much a catch-22. That's why I believe the only way he can REALLY forge an inarguable legacy independent of the Warriors, would be to go elsewhere and build another team to championship status. It may not erase how people feel about his Warriors tenure, but he would have proven definitively that he can lead a team( that wasn't a previous champion/contender) to a title. The talent is undeniable, but that monkey is always going to be on his back in the court of public opinion.
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