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Default Re: Jimmer to play on Warriors summer league team. How many stars do they need?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Heís a worse basketball player than every one of them. Nothing close to an exception.

Talking about give him 20 shots a game....

Stephon Marbury never even took 20 shots a game and had people calling him selfish. Kevin Durant only took 20 shots in two of his 12 seasons. But the nba needs to just give some random guy superstar shot attempts so they can....what?

What happens then?

Brent Barry with free reign vs Jimmer isnít even a contest.

You are disrespecting vastly more talented white players. You just have a thing for Jimmer.

Racism doesn't exist against whites...I get your point already.

Why do you follow me with your twisted BS all the time?

You've made your point clear.

There's nothing further to discuss.
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