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Default Re: Jimmer to play on Warriors summer league team. How many stars do they need?

Originally Posted by Kblaze8855
Lets ignore that black players exist. And stars. Just among the white high end role players and borderline stars?

Jimmer isnt more talented than....

Brent Barry
Jason Williams
Rex Chapman
Kyle Korver
Mike Miller
He isnt Jim Paxon at ALL. Not that people remember Johns brother...

He aint Wally. Hes not Keith Van Horn.

Kelly Tripuka was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Jimmer even after he was doing great numbers on those number inflating Pistons.

Kirk Hinrich was WAY better than Jimmer considering I can stick him on a star guard like Wade or Ray Allen and not give him much help. I wouldnt trade prime Kirk for Jimmer and a mid first rounder.

Scott Skiles was better than Jimmer. He was a playmaker and tough as shit. Hed play over Jimmer on toughness alone.

Chandler Parsons clearly better.

Give me Mike Dunleavy jr over Jimmer.

Sarunas Marciulionis was better than Jimmer on his best day.

Jose Calderon was better than Jimmer.

Jimmer isnt even close to the top few tiers of just white non stars.

Jimmer wouldnt knock Luke Ridnour out of the rotation in Seattle. Hed take some of his minutes....but not all of them.

A lot of teams would play Delly just for his defense.

There arent that many guys just among the white guards who Jimmer would displace.

Jimmer wouldnt have taken washed up Jason Williams spot on the Heat. Pat Riley would have him executed by the second quarter for defensive reasons alone. And not like Jwill was a good defender either.

You could have picked way better white guys to latch on.

You want a guy who could have been given a greener light early in his career to maybe shine more....stan JJ Redick. That guy worked his ASS off to get respect and his spot. Now hes in what should be his down years looking like everyones missing piece. Jimmer is no JJ. Give JJ this attention.

He's a better scorer than any player you mentioned.

Give him free will with 20 shots and it'd be obvious.

But you brothers don't like whites dominating the rock.

You're regurgitating.

Racism doesn't exist against whites...I get your point already.
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