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Default Re: If you add a player to a 33 win team, could they beat a 73 win team?

Originally Posted by 1987_Lakers
No, he had guys like Paxson and Kerr hitting game winning shots in the Finals.
Those shots were off of plays drawn up by PJax using MJ as the decoy, MJ passed the ball to Kerr when he saw Stockton leave his man to double team MJ, he even told Kerr to be ready for the pass, there's video of the time out before that play you dumbass...totally different than LBJ standing around and letting Kyrie go ISO and hitting that ballsy trey on Curry with time expiring

That you can't see a difference is very telling on your hoops IQ and you're seriously gonna sit there and claim MJ was afraid of taking a last shot in a huge game??? You don't know shit about MJ nor the history of the game, lol
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