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Default Re: Why are we celebrating Kawhi’s 28ppg 4 assists 43% FG Finals? It’s worse than LeBrons

Originally Posted by Gus Hemmingway
But WHY? You cant answer that

35 ppg on 54% shooting while getting 10 assists got LeBron swept

28 ppg on 43% and 4 assists gets Kawhi a win in 6 games?
Again, people are already explaining this to you but maybe you're just slow like the rest of the Bran fam... LeBron needs to score a lot more because he's a turnstile on defense, he needs to score more because he's giving up a lot of points...why don't you post KD's stats? You'll find your answer there

Maybe if he would put up a bit more resistance, he wouldn't need to score so much but hey everybody, look at Bran's stats!!!
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