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Default Re: Where's embiids MVP

This is where the childishness comes in.

Who gives a **** where two guys on the same basic level are rated exactly from person to person? Picking some random number to assign elite status to and really harp on it just shows a lack of perspective.

Between KD, Lebron, Giannis, Harden, Steph, Leonard, Davis, Jokic, Embiid, Paul George and so on.....only really emotionally invested people are that worried about the exact standing. Whoever you think is worst on that a first ballot hall of famer if they spent their entire careers as roughly the same player they are now. The same goes for Westbrook, Dame, and some others.

Being that worried about if Giannis is #4 while ____ is #6 is like fighting over Grant Hill vs Patrick Ewing in the mid 90s. Its fun to argue about I guess. But you cant go THAT far in either direction.

Depending on your personal bias you could put Giannis from 1 to like...12th. Its not out of line to compare him to Jokic. Healthy Durant and Leonard are probably the only two players immune to an argument that they arent top 5 right now. And by the middle of next year if Harden is doing 38 a game, Lebron cares about defense a little again, Steph takes it back to 2016 aggression, and Giannis and Embiid continue to take the steps you imagine 24 and 25 year olds do....that might not be the case. Which doesnt even consider the strides Jokic could take or that Anthony Davis is a legit 28/12 guy with elite defense...

The top players in the league have rarely been so clumped together and if 1 stands out it isnt Giannis. Him being MVP doesnt mean any more than Harden or Westbrook being it.

Hed have gotten my vote....but it doesnt make him any more special than the other super duper stars. Hes in a group. Hes done nothing to put himself on another tier like the Jordans, Hakeems, or Shaqs did at their peaks. Perhaps one day he will. He has not as of now.

It doesnt matter if hes #3 or #6. Its the same basic level just being put in order of each individuals bias. Your bias might put him #1 or 2. Someone elses might have KD, Harden, and Leonard the top 3 with Giannis #6. Whatever. You could all make valid points. Nobody taking a fair look at everyone could deny that.

This is like that guy a while ago arguing vehemently that Giannis wasnt even close to top 5. Then lists him as 6th. I dont think my eyes quit rolling for a couple hours.
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