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Default Re: ESPN posts top 20

Originally Posted by k0kakw0rld

Teams better than anything MJ faced in the finals

13 Spurs
14 Spurs
15 Warriors
16 Warriors
17 Warriors
18 Warriors
19 Warriors

MJ won with less (only 1 all-star teammate) and would've been unfathomable with 2 like lebron had to face the Spurs and Warriors

Heck, Lebron teamed up with Wade.. .. that alone gave him the most talent in the league and he was favored against the Spurs.. against the Warriors, he had another big 3 that was favored in 15' before kyrie went down

Originally Posted by k0kakw0rld

Kill yourself too 3ball

List the players MJ defeated in the playoffs: Magic, Shaq, Isiah, Ewing, Malone, Barkley, Drexler, Payton, Dominique

Those guys rank higher overall than Duncan, Curry, Durant, and then crap like DeRozan, Horford.... And obviously, shaq/penny destroy hibbert/george... And garnett/pierce/allen were all 35 years old when lebron beat them, while Isiah/dumars/rodman were 27-29 when MJ beat them

And on and on.. MJ faced and defeated better players than lebron..

Originally Posted by k0kakw0rld

MJ ain't shit. Yes I said it.

All of MJ's wins except 92' was like beating the equivalent of a Spurs-level team

The Spurs sometimes had higher net efficiency because they faced weaker comp in the late 00's than the stacked 90's west - it was 3-4 spurs teams playing each other back then, hence them taking turns losing to MJ in the Finals as 60-win Finals losers.. So MJ would smash the Spurs.. 3-0 in Lebron's shoes

And look at the 2 times MJ faced Duncan in 98' - dominated him, won without pippen.. sure Duncan was only the most prepared rookie ever
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