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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
He was injured and slow in the beginning. Let's wait till the end of the season when he posts the best season of his career before making stupid threads about trading perennial all stars.

because they never get traded

do you even understand the premise at hand which we are discussing?

BG's trade value is through the roof, he could bring back more than what he is worth. He is not a go to go for a championship contender YET, and it's no gurantee CP3 stays, who knows if he wants to wait 2+ years for Blake to become that player..

and why are you ignoring that decline from last year that i brought up in my post aswell? You act like he has some type of GOAT potential, yet he declined in areas such as Free throw and Mid range shooting last year, areas which should not be declining for a player with the potential which you make him out to have.

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