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Default Re: The Clippers should move Blake Griffin..

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
His efficiency rating went from 25.63 his rookie year to 23 the next year to 20 this year.

His shot from 10-15 feet out went from a 32% on 1.5 shots per game to 27% the next year on .7 shots to 42% this year on .4 shots per game..

Win share declines each year as the team continues to improve.

His rebounding numbers are declining each year. Was grabbing 9 defensive rebounds per game his rookie year, down to 7.5 last year is still at 7.3 this year.

His rookie year he was attempting almost 9 Free throw attempts per game, and hitting 64% which is pretty good for a big man who gets to the line alot.
However, the next year he got to the line less, and shot 52%

His defense has improved since his rookie year, and he's gotten better at creating his own shot. But his current trend of improvement isn't drastic enough to suggest he has the sort of GOAT potential that you and other BG fans claim that he has...

Point is, his market value is higher than what he actually brings to the court, and the Clippers could get somebody to take a lop sided deal while attaining some great pieces.

He was injured and slow in the beginning. Let's wait till the end of the season when he posts the best season of his career before making stupid threads about trading perennial all stars.
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