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Default Re: Annoying kids calling me dad on the court

Originally Posted by Straight_Ballin
So after pullin a few sweet moves at the local outdoor courts on some guys my own age, now I get the occasional random young teen sayin shit like "hey dad, what time are we having dinner tonight." Or "yep, that's my dad."

Our outdoor courts tend to have people playing ages 15-40.

They do this in an attempt to get recognition from their friends. Probably don't even know who their real father is. Last thing I need is my wife hearing some shit like this or child services at my door. It doesn't help that the older guys raise questions like "oh, that skinny little Asian kid your kid? (I'm not Asian) "Is he on the school team?" and shit like that.

Anyone else have this problem with the local teens trying to be the cool kid at the park making other kids think that your their dad because you be bustin them ankles at the courts?

Before you know it their moms will be at the court baking pies saying shit like "go give this to your father."

Man, this is what gets to you? I agree, they shouldn't look up to you as a father figure if this makes you come to ISH cryin'.
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