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Default Re: The Thunder might catch the Mavs in the standings

Originally Posted by DMAVS41
Hopefully the Mavs continue to lose out.

1. Its a good wake up call to the entire franchise that they completely ****ed up again this year by not trading Butler's contract. Hopefully it will wake terry and kidd up

2. We would much rather play the Spurs than the Lakers if we do make the 2nd round

3. The Mavs are a good team. They just aren't a legit contending team. They have one star. They have a bunch of old players that wear down at this point like kidd and terry. They have no 2nd option, and their depth is over-rated beyond belief on here. Since when is roddy/barea/stevenson/peja/cardinal/haywood a good bench?

Mavs, as usual, ride Dirk's unbelievably consistent play to a good record.

No player in the game is winning anything with the supporting cast the mavs have. We had the chance to get Gerald Wallace for Butler and scrubs. We turned it down, and now we are playing peja and cardinal minutes at small forward. Just laughably bad.

Hopefully we drop to the 4 seed. I think we would ultimately beat the nuggets if we're healthy, but it will probably go 7. However, if Dirk isn't playing great, we have virtually no chance to beat anyone.

Same old story. Can't wait until Dirk retires and or leaves so I can stop supporting this joke of a franchise that has failed Dirk so badly.
The Mavs have proved a lot of people wrong up to this point.
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