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Default Re: Dallas will beat Atlanta on Sunday Night - I personally guarantee it.

I was so depressed last night.

Season is over.
Cowlishaw: After Jason Garrett’s sorry performance, let the Sean Payton-to-Cowboys speculation begin

The odd news that Sean Payton had become a free agent coach broke early Sunday morning, and it did not take long for people to start guessing if the former Cowboys coordinator and current Westlake home owner might make Valley Ranch his home office for 2013.

The Cowboys’ 19-13 loss to the Falcons Sunday night completed Jason Garrett’s day of misery.

The Cowboys hit the midseason mark at 3-5. The fact the Cowboys are relying almost solely on Rob Ryan’s defense to compete will only make the Payton talk grow louder, no matter what disclaimers Jones can offer.

Jason Garrett is the reason I can no longer make guarantees in the sports world ever again.... Worst Coach Ever.
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