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Default Re: Why were we more skilled at more difficult games when we were younger?

Originally Posted by Josh
No, because games like Mario Kart, Star Fox, etc I've already played through and completed no problems. Hand and eye coordination is same. It's the side scrolling games that are giving me issues. Not sure if you guys remember a SNES game called Gradius III, but it's a side scrolling aircraft shooter and it was hard then, shit is hard now.

Long term use of opiates isn't anything like doing meth or dropping LSD/ecstasy. I've never been heavy into the brain cell killing ones. At one time I was big into coke, but that was very short lived. Opiates have always been my thing, and there's no evidence it's really bad on the brain like a lot of other substances.

There's no doubt it impacts and affects the brain, but I'm just as dumb now as I was with or without popping pills.

LSD doesn't kill brain cells.
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