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Default Re: why there are no good big man now

Originally Posted by lemondude
When people look at big man they look at Dirk and say Dirk's game is great. Which to me is sort of misleading since big man are suppose to dominate the game with power not shooting. Even STAT is spending time on his jumper and less on his post up, sure not so much now, but just you watch in 3 or 4 seasons he'll be another Dirk.

Anyways, stop developing players like Dirk, Big man are suppose to spend time in the paint not the 3 point line that's the Guard's job.

Anyone else think Center and power should go back to owning the paint instead of the Three?

I think you have a pretty good point here when you consider why it happens.

Most big men throughout HS and even college can rely on their size and strength and/or athleticism to score inside. So instead of developing a post game they're told to work on 'a good 15ft jumper'.

So when they make it to the NBA and are playing against bigger and more talented players they fall back on the jumper and working the high post.

EDIT: There are good big men in the league today, but hardly any have a strong low post game.

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