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Default Re: Garnett+Pierce+Kirilenko

Originally Posted by The JKidd Kid
When we played the Heat last season, Deron was still injured and we still had scrubby forwards. I think people are underestimate the impact that Peirce and Garnett will have on this team just by STANDING ON THE COURT. Last years forwards were so awful that this team will look completely different compared to last season. Plus we'll have real coaches that know what the word pass means and know how to design a championship caliber defense in Lawrence Frank. I'm telling you man, the only way you'll be able to tell that we're watching the Nets is the jersey.
Deron was healthy for the last game and played much better under PJ and we still got blown out by 20.
I don't doubt we have a much improved team but taking out one of the best teams of all time with one of the best players of all time is not going to be easy.
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