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Default Re: Option 1:Wade + Bosh Option 2: Shaq

Originally Posted by Ne 1
Well who knows how well that 2010 Cavs team does if LeBron doesn't visibly quit and pout vs Boston. Even Delonte West played better than LeBron during that game 5 vs Boston where he gave up on his team before the series was over. We'll never know now what their capabilities were. Did LeBron have a superstar co-runner with the Cavs? No, but he had well built teams with appropriate pieces that fit LeBron's game, strength and playing stye and the worst part about that whole debacle was that years Cavs team actually did have a legit shot at winning a championship. If the Cavs could have gotten past the East they would have had the eventual champion Lakers, who they swept during the regular season. The would have faced Orlando again that year but this time with Shaq who was their to slow down and cause problems for Dwight. The Cavs also had home court advantage for two straight 60+ win seasons and couldn't get to the Finals once and got bounced in the semis as a 1st seed. A team that is capable of winning 60+ wins two seasons in a row isn't capable of winning a title? I think not. I don't see how Lebron didn't have a " good enough team" when it was HIM who played poorly game 5 vs Boston and not his teammates. James was 3-14 in that game while looking absolutely lost on both sides of the court while a shell of himself Shaq was 7-11 and Parker was 5-8.

But anyway the point is James didn't compete to the best of his abilities. Look at the 2012 Heat. They were worse talent wise and health wise than the 2011 Heat and IMO faced a superior Finals opponent, and a better Conference Finals opponent. What was the difference? LeBron tried. In 2011, he gave up in the Finals and went into full Casper mode.

here is what i see from what u wrote

-The Cavs lost by 32 in game 5 vs the Celtics. The Celtics were just roling that game and were going to win regarless on how well LeBron James played. LeBron for the most part make Paul Pierce look hell of average in that series but the Celtics had other player completely outplaying their matchups.

-The Heat in 2011 was really just 3 guys going apeshit. Wade was better in 2011 but they had mad holes in their roster and Erik Spoelstra was badly outcoached by rick carlisle

-The Cavs didn't do much to keep LeBron james in Cleveland during the off season. The Heat, Bulls, and the Knicks all had brought in players to attract LeBron's attention while the Cavs didn't do anything to retool.

-Cleveland is a shitty city. Cold, boring, depressing, smelly, you name it. Chicago and NY are cold too but at least we have... i dont know... shit to do
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