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Default Re: Wish people didn't make this all about the QBs

P.Tiddy your premise is actually correct. The premise that a QB is the sole reason for a teams success is actually incorrect. This is a cyclical thing though. For a long time before some of you were born it was about Defense, RB, then QB.

These days its all about the QB and what he does. The QB has to direct the team to victories is thought of as extraordinary and the other facets of the game is just them doing there job.

How many SB winning QB's did it mostly on there on? I can only think of one at the time I am writing this and his name is Brady. Almost every other QB had great weapons and/or a great defense (not to be taken LITERALLY).

The rule changes have made it easier for QB's to be better but I think the salary cap era kind of brings it back down to a more even playing field.

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