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Default Re: Best college players to watch going into the 2016-17 season

Originally Posted by qrich
Depends on who has it. I can't see Philly taking him with their hopes of Simmons and all.

Yeah, Philly is a strange team to predict for the draft. They should definitely select a PG but, given that Simmons is expected to be essentially a PG on offense with his passing ability, some who really needs the ball to max their potential like Ball or Fultz might not be the best fit. I'd probably say **** it when it comes to that because both are extremely talented and can shoot enough to play with anyone.

Monk would be interesting for Philly since he's such a great scorer and Embiid can cover up a lot of mistakes on D but they will likely draft too high to snag him. I'd like Jonathan Isaac too as a versatile, long forward with a nice shooting touch but they already have a bunch of forwards. Both are too limited or risky to take at the spot Philly will likely draft at anyway.

I'd take Fultz if given the option on the Sixers. He's the type of perimeter scorer they will need to pair with Simmons and Embiid plus he would give them the best compliment to them when trying to create mismatches in the pick and roll. If Philly can also pull off a trade with Boston to ship Noel or Okafor to get Marcus Smart plus other assets then I think it would be perfect. Smart can be the defensive pitbull that allows Fultz to find an easier matchup on D and Smart can hide a little on offense. I'd prefer it to be Okafor in the trade but it might have to be Nerlens since that relationship seems to be potentially unsalvagable at this point.
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