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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by kuniva_dAMiGhTy
Exactly. Funny how Kobe talks about numbers, yet fails to mention he took MORE shots than Shaq.

2000-01, FGA: Kobe-22.2, Shaq-19.2
2001-02, FGA: Kobe-20, Shaq-18.3
2002-03, FGA: Kobe-23.5, Shaq-18.1
2003-04, FGA: Kobe-18.1, Shaq-14.1

Bean was a second option in '99, and '99-00. In '98, he was more like a third or fourth option, and in '96-97, Kobe was more like a seventh option. There's a reason for that. He wasn't that great coming out of highschool AND had to earn the right to lead the way offensively.

You don't think usage % would be the much more logical statistic to look at for the point you are trying to make?

Shaq getting hacked doesn't show up as a shot attempt in a box score but it certainly impacts his teammates raw scoring totals.
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