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Originally Posted by Darius
What's even more sad than Clipperfan being overly excitable about his team is all the pathetic people who follow him around trying to bash him.

He said Bledsoe has the potential to be a very good player.

Ok. He does.

He said he thinks he believes Bledsoe has so much potential that he would only trade him for Paul or Thompson.

Ok. They have proven to be better than Bledsoe so far and CF86 acknowledges that. It's his belief Bledsoe, with more minutes, will prove himself. It's within the realm of possibility.

None of the above should really be causing multiple grown men to be stalking him.

Wow coming from you I have mad respect. I know you don't like my style in general. What you just reiterated is exactly what I was saying. I didn't say Bledsoe was better than these guys.... on top of that I wasn't putting down other players to boost Bledsoe so it shouldn't be attracting trolls. Not like I said "Bledsoe dominated old Steve Nash" or anything to instigate like that.
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