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Originally Posted by millwad
I'm not serious the most of the time when I'm posting but you're a sad person, that's a fact. I discuss plenty of basketball and if you claim anything else, then you're not only delusional but also a liar. And if you want to talk about odd characters, you're the best example, you're close to 30 years old and you're a ghosthunter and you have terrible credit, go get an education or a good job instead of wasting your time on this nonsense.

And yes, I am calling you out for being delusional and a homer, you average like 30 posts per day about one team and the players who play for that team. I mean, there's a reason why very few people agrees with you, just check this thread. It would be one thing if you actually wrote decent posts but all you ever do is to spam rumours or type nonsense stuff like this where you hype the Clipper players like crazy.

Yea that's believable. You spending time to dig up so much personal information on so many ISH members tells us what kind of productive life you have bud. You can't just troll like a jackass in OTC and make a bunch of over the line threads then just say "Oh I'm just kidding". You made a STUPID classless thread about Joyner dying for example then tried to play it off with "I really thought he was dead". Like seriously you're going to call me out on a personal level? .

I do remember a time when you used to discuss basketball and I liked your posts back then. Doesn't mean you can go to trolling hard for 6 months, post something serious and expect me to take it seriously. I've never trolled you or anybody else. I've been a homer or been an ass at times but never on a personal level.

Funny thing about me is everything you're pointing out I've admitted and shared myself. I've shared my age (26), told tons of people here about my ghost hunting HOBBY, shared about jobs and my personal life etc. You on the other hand have pulled some D-Fish level stunts and fabricated things about your personal life such as you being a professional Swedish basketball player etc.
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