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Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
He played 11 games in the playoffs. 6\11 of those games he failed to score more than 5 minutes, 5 of those he scored 3 or less. He had 3 games with zero assists.


Those are huge games in the playoffs. Yes I realize defensively he was big in the Memphis series. He averaged 13.7 minutes in that series. 2 games with 6 & 7 minutes played.

In the SA series he averaged 23 minutes. Put up 2 really good games and 2 stinkers. He averaged 2.3 assists to 2.5 turnovers. That's a concern for a guy who could play PG.

Good defensively, extremely athletic. Has potential but don't over do it.

I'm not calling the guy an all star or anything . I'm saying he's a defensive monster with great upside who needs to get more respect. Everybody around here refers to him as a scrub or role player caliber type but he's so much better than that. As I said... I completely disregard his scoring usually good or bad.. because 80 percent of his value is outside of his scoring.
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